Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I don't know why, but we are getting colder than ever anyway, i can assume some of my personal opinions, in order to discuss it for the moment i'll only post a single one.

1- the tone and goal of our discussions
in most of the cases in such comunication, mainly there are two sides and that two sides push other to that only same sides. (e.g. copehangen)
Usually both partys are irreducible to their point of view and no concense is possible. Our society and education is directioned (as basics) to emphasize the strongest, and in the limit if the cleavage is to strong then we go to war and fight.

Lets put it in our lives. Which one of us have never had a fight? And could you most of the times define it as balanced? i suppose not. At the end someone "gets the cup" and the sense of win-loss is instaled.
So could we ever evolute in to the direction of win-win discussions? 
Could we just be satisfied with our animal nature? Could we ever consider be educated to get balanced solutions?

   Atoms combine in order to get balanced (at least energetically), why can't we?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Perhaps our whole existence is just a dream.
Maybe we really do care about each other;
Maybe we really listen without interruptions;
Maybe our politicians are decent persons;
Maybe bankers do care for noble causes around the planet;
Maybe nuclear has no side effects;
Maybe pandemic flu is really a problem (to whom)

Maybe we could do something diferent...starting now!

Its funny how we do absorve large qtts of info, and just need 1% of it, at least dreaming has no potencial side effect, hence we can rule in such dimension.

Yep, once again: dream on!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

About nothing

Everything turns arround something and nothing.We are always looking for something and when we get it, somehow it could turn to nothing.
(and most of the times it does)

We live (at least most of the so called developed societys) for self pleasure things that really dont mean anything. We can dissimulate, try to believe, but our existence is based on what (gefelt uns gut) we think it will give us a moment of tranquility in our "search". Anyway, we've came to a point of no return, where everything must be absorved in a minute, and at the we get miserable with that. Suposing that no one stays here for ever.... emphasize should be given to relations, and pure exchange of experiences, in a balanced environment in this brief journey where we are. 

I guess most of the persons don't give a shit for that....and that could be accepted as normal, because after all we should be free to decide what we really do value. 

Nowadays societys seem more a curse than everything.

SO FREEDOM!!!! (i'm free to do i want....)

Monday, August 31, 2009

The right thing - (update)

Some days ago I gave for me thinking what would be the right thing to do in a crisis time if i was a politician.

It is very true that our society values are based on economy. (is there another way to "make the world go round"?)

Another issue is the question who commands/rules who?
The first thing I would do, would be analysing the causes and take preventive measures so i could stop or at least slow down the spreading speed of an usual crisis. So my efforts would be directioned into the cause;

(imagine that cause is economy, 
because lack of foreing investment and poor company liquidity,
because countrys are getting or actually are uneficient and unproductive and we have taugt citizens to live over their finantial capacities and bancks havent analysed risc as they should,
because theres lack of knowledge and strategy, and systems national and international regulation dont act as they supposed to
because prioritys are deviated and the big bucks speack louder and in general there are no penaltys.
because society evolution)

so what would be my actions? would i have the nerve to change society evolution?

-better education could be a part of the solution (how many years would it take....???)
-how to change people values? is it possible to change people values in the same society?
would it be needed to change all world societys?

Who commands who?- well, our society commanders live with frauds, conspiracys and take advantages of everythings with higher ROI.

So please bring back my sweet uthopic society based on love, justice/fairness, work, teamwork, merit etc etc

So to my billions of readers.... dream on...!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hands full of nothing

So this is it.
Perhaps we've have seen it all. But there's a lot to come, when we think that everithing's has already happen... no sir/madam... there's a lot to come. I wonder if we could create an imaginary world where peace rules, politics are honest, values were the core of the citizens. Would it be so boring as it seems?!? I think that all that we are into is due to our lack of commitement with overall society. As evultionary beings, we simply (at this stage) don't want to commit with nothing. There should be some citizen responsabilitys much behound the right to vote, that would compel us to get to some other kind of balance. As i look at it, i cant see any trend to balance. So we trust our politicians since they aquire the right of everything from the time we gave them that power. So let them fool us, we don't care, this a joke or prank?! What do we care after all....hope at least about the next generations

(dont let them fool you....oh no!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sometimes i just wonder if the world shouldn't be as is.
I mean, for all of our actions there are reactions (some odd other not so quite). there are further more chances that we ruin everything faster than we took to contruct it. leave it. the world will adapt itself with or with out us. so whats new? nothing. and beyond our earth (world) , our imagination (much more everything than anything). So we develop... we change... we create...we relate and socialize...but whats really new? our essence is to adapt, we are not disruptive, our genes have an history are we really original, or do we have always some present historical background that force us to use some of the basics. Well, anyway it will always be jungle up here, so face it:

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Air knowledge

Pure and soft air enter our lungs ... sometimes; its a unconscient act that affects us and that we could learn from.
After all, life is knowledge.
Air enters new goes out ...filthy. as well, we born pure and we get unpure as time goes by. There are simply small things that we cross by every day and we just can't notice, sometimes they are pure and other don't. It was worth to spend some time choosing which simple things are around us, so we could move forward easily. So... breathe in and out as simple as it is.... if you have the time for it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The coldness of winter

Keep your mind free
As the stars in the skies
Remain quiet as heaven
Like soul in the eyes.

Yelling to the mountain
Far away from everything
Silence in the night,
And stars started to sing.

The coolness of winter
Brought us iced feelings:
We can’t deny reality…
Than why, why wake up?

Walking the ground of dust
Within some fog we can’t take
Falling for the universe,
Where no one is awake!