Friday, July 26, 2013


People should be more creative,
creativness is one of our human main core characteristics,
so why not to use it? (at least make things diferent or with different approaches)
Sure if one have no bread at the table to eat,
how creativity would help, in economic point of view?

Lets start from the begining where as we should get proper education,
and context conditions (this means that the environment that surround us
will surelly influence during our lives).

Having that said, i think that should be governments responsibility
to promote society through educational programs...of course that all
implies money (resources).
Education will open consciousness and than after critical espirit....hence
people will question themselves, and from that questioning will result
more society intervention and also awareness for problems and other;

For instance ancient Greece has returned more open thinking with its favourable environment conditions (they had power/ strong army) and through power got knowledge
and through knowledge and stability.... arts, leisure,
new democracy basis (still addopted nowdays).

My end question (perhaps) would be like this:
since politicians can change the world (with all parallel questions of course!!) and are a privileged class (i.e. they have stability and a proper environment), why don't they use their
favourable context to be more creative and really do what they should... which in my opinion is taking care of their citizens and at present with a global view???




Yanikas said...

nice blog, and good stuff to read :)
thanks for your comment and following!

Max Coutinho said...

Ciao Gallardo,

Yes, why aren't most politicians more creative? Because most of them have set their creativity aside and have placed their personal interests above those of the people's. It's embarassing. And then, when a politican (one who is truly creative and concerned with the citizens he's supposed to serve) comes along he is hampered by the rest of the "establishment" since he is viewed as a menace to the status quo.

I heard education in Portugal is going from bad to worse each it true?


GALLARDO said...

Yan: thx for your comm it has been much apreciated.
Keep appearing!

GALLARDO said...

Max: but didn't the supposed free men be above all "estab." things and not be automatically excluded for themselves for supposed menaces?

As for education: you can see the results talking to youngsters... but really this is an overall problem i.e. that worldwide values transmitted as education are getting poorer...technically i think there's an good pattern to be followed supported on advanced IT and that's positive....but what is education??

Max Coutinho said...


Free men will never be above the "establishment"; because themselves will always create an "establishment" of their own and set other free men apart.

So, you defend new models of education?

GALLARDO said...

hey Max thx for your replies by the way!!! : )
i hunderstand you in the sense of closed cycle...eventhough if i had the means, surely I wouldnt want to create the "establishment". these "mainstream" concepts ae usually blindly followed and not questioned thus only quoted... so in your way there are no really free men...

education: new models should be endorsed, with different approaches (more company interfacing, off the room learning etc objectives and merit rewarding) all with strong basis of dutys and rights within an human perspective.

all the best

Jasmin said...

oh, thanks for your lovely comment!
cool picture <3

Max Coutinho said...


You are most welcome - it's a pleasure to converse with you :)

But isn't your non-establishment some sort of establishment (i.e. it is established that there is no establishment) ;)?
That is correct: freedom is not entirely free.

We are on the same page regarding education.