Monday, December 29, 2014

CASTLES - a little thought

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Word (wordossaurius).... the values extinction

"you have my word"
"lets handshake"
"i promise..."

This could have several readings, and of course everyone (depending on its environment)
has its own conception, but to keep it simple, although it can have different contexts,
i'm referring to the business one... its incredible how easy it is nowadays, to change commitments under the promise, or the "word" for it..... so it is worth very little.... even from the people that you can actually know, for instance friends.... (or supposed ones)....
yes to those ones who like to stab each other in the back....guess what? you can go all to mars, or to the Mariana Trench!
At the end the result is pretty much the same, which is the break of commitment....I guess its alike in any picture.... politics ... deals.... you name it.... of course its a jungle.... but i hate to see "predators eating their own cubs"..... watch your back...

Monday, December 8, 2014

Bubble breaker

i just remember when bubbles only represented to me summer water soap cups and with it to make floating empty thoughts which could fly high and high..... though it has been a time since that has happened, the bubbles seem to perpetue under several shapes. Lets take Roubini "Doom" analyst bubble.... according his own predictions,  2016 will be the stock  market crash year... because of the public debt "thought" that flown so high that, as other bubbles, it explodes in stratosphere. Is difficult to accept, but the gears just rolled free, there's possibly no mechanism that can oppose to the path of a crash... (personally i thought that it would happen sooner).
So, how to grow GDP in such a way that you could sustainably spare, to pay debt, or how to create enough commodities as royalties that you don't need to increase production, but rather only recognized added value for what you've already have, in the short term? I really can't figure how, but the "wild card" named corruption (the lack of it, actually) would certainly produce strong results in the most severe foresights / scenarios.
At the end, all "PIGS" or not, like to play in their own mud....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The question about design,  I may say, it's about its objectives... design of politics, strategy, process, methods, auto, furniture .....whatever; And one point that remains transversal to it all, is creativity, rather being towards functional or "look" purpose.
What happens is that nowadays there's, in my opinion for sure, much more looks purposes than functional ones. So i could simply conclude that the lack of creativity lead the reasonable thoughts towards the looks and not the functions, having actual politics as example , a lot of it are just fait divers, fireworks. But what has constrained creativity? Does environment issues influence the way to inpower creation hence design ? Sure it does. Surrounding factors do influence the way our thoughts flow rather being noisy or not. So the way a country is being directioned, can be strategically leaded regardless the amount of noisy, or foggy "stuff" ?  So do designers, should be and stay as much as possible independent from the "world"? Perhaps, if that conducts to inspiring thoughts.... and that should be treasured, as i see it, it doesn't occur so often... look at europe for instance....

Saturday, October 18, 2014

searching for intelligence signs.....

"After  (....) years of searching the skies for signs of intelligence beyond Earth..." 
- ah ah ah- this is too presumptuous....try to find any in earth first .... that would be an hard challenge!
All of this media fanaticism and pseudo regulated markets.... there is hardly a way to escape from the so called modern society's web.

Citizens-Interest Groups,Lobbying - Politics - Laws - Citizens

this closed circuit trends to lead to few persons interests.... which might not be representative, but still somehow legitim. 
This circuit could be in did, a good thing if you considered that the intentions  of these groups were "pure", or at least far from egocentric needs and feels.

Its like taking our own medic prescription knowing that the side effects are no good. So, how to introduce true values at this well oiled gear machine? Are there so many blind sheeps, that simply prefer to accept their path as dogmatic with no alternative? ("please, cheat me 'cause i like it so badly"!) Or are citizens just so arrogant to the point to think that they own the truth and dominate all info already available.....

evolution is a strange way to cross by, but ignore it, is even stranger....

Friday, October 3, 2014


We've been watching interesting evolution throughout the years, but none, yet, have
been capable to answer the ultimate(s) human desires, which can typically possibly be....

who's the creator
where do we came from
where do we heading to
can we live forever
are we "alone" in the universe
... and much other

of course and although there are lots of multi level research, it all serves the purpose of cumulative experiences towards awareness (i think) and to keep us also distracted during our small but hopefully interesting journey.

We are so small regarding all universe events, that makes me feel annoyed watching everyday world news or mundane events. I understand that societies are complex and overlap these "tiny" pseudo philosophic questions.
We live in a engineered world as seen by Messer Leonard Da Vinci, but ready to be sold at any cost, with strength of the Marketing (well oiled up) machines;

I can effortly live by the rules in which our average societies so far conquered or evoluted to, but that doesn't mean i can't go on and keep question it, or even propose to modified it, although everyone has to realise that when it comes to it..... the basic laws stand i.e. we are just in raw state jungles, and no philosophy questions apply. Knowledge is everything as i've stated before...

at the end..... and surely mostly.... who gives a F$€$ ?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The True Scotch

What is better? Single (malted) or blended... is it a matter of taste?
Perhaps the inner tradition, the subjacent culture and history, the memory preservation.
Surely the facts are always supportive to understand the state... of art.
But rather than discussing a state of art or even trend, it would be much better to achieve an ideal...
Is it to risky to go for an ideal?

The True Scotch .... Only for the ideal.


Thursday, August 7, 2014


Much i've been telling about essential values that should make part of our lives, or deeper .. written in our DNA. Unfortunately there are purposely awful mistakes and misunderstandings that keep the world constantly beating itself for some of the same challenges. the early 20s crisis took some of its causes from political and economic power and greed. Although todays markets interdependency and business speed are definitely a key to prospect and foresight, one must not comprise society stability based on fast and extremely high return rates. What makes a market truly volatil is in my opinion the undefinition and lack of insight  key regulations. Undefinition, because of the obscurant products and how they are achieved (does an end justify the means???). This can get expression in every market, but it gets clearer when it comes to financial systems/ products. We can negociate statistical products that are only numbers, no added value here, and no one seems to deeply control it. So there's a black thick cloud where some gets access and makes unimaginable fortunes. Please notice that i'm not against huge fortunes, i'm against corruption in any kind and shape to obtain it, and in the way to make such fortunes that innocents must be sacrificed for the sake of a bunch of thieves. Every average bank deals with offshore accounts to launder toxic (poisonous i may say) deals, funds hence financial products, and bankers who own it have their assets safely hidden in several countries... So where is regulation for these cases? Although this is widely "accepted", politicians are very tied to this matter and so the system hypocrisy and promiscuity doesn't allow to go much further than the state of art. Is just not fair that so many people and nations are sacrificed in the name of GREED. I cant believe that there were toxic assets in some banks (Lehman Brothers, Greek banks, Bank of Scotland, BPN, BES, BPP), because they all practice the same game and deal with the same procedures.... if they are all toxic... lets contain them and spray a bit over their heads so at least they can regain a bit of consciousness....

So here it goes.... again!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Arbeit machts .... Arbeit mach nichts

Work, labour, job ...  does it really make on us a purpose?
Since ever men had to face challenges in order to sustain itself and in time learned to apply
its knowledge to get profit about it; initially with goods exchanges and latter by means of time measurement, and  specialized applied working force... (W=fxd [Joule])...
So does work, gives you purposes, and strength to carry on, helps you to get focused on your life (and mundane) objectives, makes you independent, or a prisoner, gives you an everyday burden?
 Are we near from the 80's kraftwerk "we are the robots" or from the tom petty  "free fallin"?  ....
We are just vague sand in a sudden wind blow... so how much your work absorves you?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


hope, faith, belief .... are some of the many ways that keep people pursuing their objectives.... of course the need is the outmost compelling trigger that enhances your strength. What if the need has external causes, and are driven to achieve less noble  targets? What if the need isn't really a need, but a mere greed; What if the world was ruled in the same wrong direction, and anyone (societies) couldn't see, because was accepted almost as dogma, as been told so by the current leaders.... too philosophic? perhaps....
perhaps i'm wrong.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the EURO thing

There's something in the way that simply puzzles me;
For instance, this last sunday there has been elections for the european parliament, yet,
so few subjects have been discussed about europe.
As so many have wrote about it, these are mere local intermediate elections.
Lets see: there hasn't been public debate, the usual marketing flyers are composed by internal slogans, public appearances of the main candidates, are just fait divers ... its a mind game, which citizens don't approve at all. If you look at the results will notice that the winner with majority is : abstention.  With a mean participation of 43,09%  in the whole of the EU countries thats too low, facing the advance of some radical left and right wings movements. So what to do now? Do we want to take the (peace!!!)  destiny in our hands or maintain continuous distance between citizens and politics? Being european, means achieving consensus within a long term true strategic project, in order to keep the countries bonded..... so where's the glue that stick this together? has someone run out of glue????  The euro flag should mean something ..... otherwise is just some blue scarf....with random spreaded and alone (lost in the universe) stars or even "black dwarfs".....

Thursday, May 15, 2014



What a fade in and out
All this noisy rumble
All this speechless shout
That makes crawl and stumble

What a fall in and out
That wipes away the mean
Because our body's so heavy
And   mind so unclean
And  paradise so steady
Floating above the water steam

Where  golden  fishes  plunge  in dance
In the white whispers  at night
Where the moon hopes her chance
For the wind to blow light

No one's there to enjoy the paint
Just tiny waves of reflection
Just the dark glow faint
Echoes of laughs intersection

Among the listless  warm breeze
That rides towards universe  infinity
There are random thoughts release
That flow throughout pure insanity.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

an Euro vision...

I'm no one to judge .... but did you heard about the eurovision song contest?
Who has won that night?, did the singer won? Did his marketeer won? Who really own this winning?
Should this stage act, be so political as it is ... ? OK,  at the end, it can be what spectators, audience, media want, so should we be entitled to question what criteria could be placed to evaluate such contest.... because this is starting to look like everything else.... lots of rules, no effects .... all misunderstood... and big shots on the loose, lots of it...  this are just fire works...... let the circus continue.

Friday, April 25, 2014


This is the time where citizens should be more aware than ever.
Are we forget that freedom implies a true responsibility? Have we been responsible enough
to deserve that "freedom" or are we just mere audience of "tv shows"?

A true change (revolution) should start in citizens minds, hence thoughts, then in anything else,
so I bow to the ones that are strong enough these days to leave their comfort zone, to achieve
something better.

as i said before o conhecimento é liberdade, knowledge is freedom, conocimiento es libertad, connaissance c'est liberté, Wissen ist Freiheit, знание это свобода,  知識是自由

(btw these sentences above have nothing to do with political ideology, since i can't recognize myself in any)

as in Tarantino, Django 2012  movie here's Anthony Hamilton - (Feat. Elayna Boynton) 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Recruiting new leaders - contact our World HR dtp.

New leaders wanted here.

After important and massive lay off World Institution, citizens are calling for new leaders:

Minimal requirements
=> Planet earth resident
=> Masters in country and citizens management or similar; 
=> Knowledge in citizens requirements/desires compulsory
=> Experience in life a real world contact
=> Good foresight and negotiation skills
=> Self motivated and world team worker
=> Strategy inspiring builder 
=> (No scam, corruption, or similar allowed )

we would Offer: 
=> Immediate start in a future vision world institution
=> Other conditions to be negotiated upon evidenced experience and  knowledge. 

Please send your CV to apply.


sound from extreme, always up to date....

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Education (bad and good)

How does the education influence or determines habits and behaviours in a future,
namely in the labor market?
does it comes randomly along your all life or does it grows and then matures by itself, and becomes
obsolete as time passes?

Perhaps its a mix of variables that determines this equation result (at least is my opinion)
Really it seems not easy to define methods that are consistent through times and specially
that follows our evolution as a society. It appears to be the information (since we are at that era) that
now, for instance, commands the destinys of education, since is a strong surrounding environment  variable.
If you go back in 80's and were a teenager at that time (or search 80's info ah ah ah ) probably you'll check that your surrounding behaviours were the connections with people, and experiences that you had ( teachers, family, working, home .... ).
If you hopefully have had good teachers or mentors (or even if life for itself taught you) during your path, then probably the odds of getting a "bright" professional future increase greatly. Then what? - you may ask... well, then you'll influence even grately the ones that come behind you, mentoring them as well....

So, who in the world as taught this in power generation of people, that seem to be so unaware of what citizens wants?????, (besides themselves of course) meaning: requirements, desires......

oh by the way.... educated people are not so easy to control.... Pixies at "trompe le mond" album in Umass track have a peculiar vision about it...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Truth - seriously?

Another day I was actually talking to the barber, when he referred to politics (generally) as a bunch of truth omiters .... as i've argued that its a propagation effect that came from a long ago..... so its almost in our DNA
In fact Aristotle has stated, regarding is mentor Plato, something like " I am a Plato's friend, but i'm even more of the truth"....
This sentence carved my mind, and despite of this time gap from that ages it still does apply..... because there are so much opinion makers, so many noisemakers, so many fait divers, that one can't filter so much volumes of info, and by the way, opinion maker should be now considered a profession ..... (being ironic)

It's just like the Matrix movie of the  Wachowski Brothers (nice metaphor), there's a pretending world and a real world.... wars, conflicts, earthquakes, health, countries bailouts, airplanes ....
 no I'm no conspiracy lover whatsoever.... and what's in the middle of all this? the usual: greed and the madness of wanting to control mankind....

yes we could probably be ants in a predicted path..... but let just us to be the ones who do this path prediction.
As i said before, i'm no conspiracy lover, i'm just an Aristotle old friend....

Monday, March 31, 2014

The journey: life emergency kit

There's a certain idea about life possession, and how tight we are to it.
My questions/ answers about it are very ordinary, and probably random or shallow...
Probably (if you've read some of my other thoughts) you will think that this pseudo-analysis
is more from the same..... but there are some details though.

a) What is important in life? (what values should you truly cherish?)
b) How patient you are, to accept your human condition?
c) Is it worth to be unhappy if you are healthy?
d) Too many distractions make you unfocused?
e) Where do your focus should be pointed at?

I think that it is consensual that our lives are fragile and brief, and of course its up to us
to decide how to manage our seconds in this time lapse. So, life can be an opportunity
if  perhaps health, luck and preparation meet together in a certain moment;
By marketing books, we are taught or at least impeled to live the moment and appreciate
all the goodies that we possible can or even cannot....

Answering (it really depends on so many things; i'll try to stick to the average, and add a personal view )

a) your priorities will determine the importance for it;
for instance all your main connection, relations/ creations and dreams should be cherished.
(meanwhile don't forget to keep in shape mentally and physically!)

b) Patience is one of those characteristics that can gives you clearness,
and also time to think about, and perhaps an opportunity to make things
relative... patience to do, listen, to learn, to wait, observe and enjoy.

c) To be happy and embrace life as it moves forward in time, will be contagious, to you
and the others that deal with you. (spread happiness, you'll receive happiness).
If you think there's no reason to be happy, then try to relativize (as i stated before)

d) Sometimes we think we are in such a rush, that we are not able to absorb any more information,
but if you consider to have a good 2nd thought, then you'll probably realize that most of that
information or occupation, is rubbish and don't even make part of your priorities... the ones that
can make you really happy.

e) Focus what you enjoy, probably this step we'll take you right to the first one a)

in sum, i know that we lack some seconds .... but .... one day at a time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Can you learn from experience? 5 steps

We all know that our behaviour reflects our life in what experiences concerns about;
So how could we learn from those experiences? is there a procedure for it?
This can take us to the point where is mandatory define good and bad (to filter).
Good - what impels you go further without hurting anyone
Bad - hurting someone to achieve your desire

1 Live and do (interact)
2 Invoque and remember
3 Select (accordingly to your own concepts of good bad)
4 Apply ( in every moment)
5 Check results (constantly)

If the results match to your interests, that leads you to improvement, then you are learning..(?)

Friday, March 21, 2014

POETRY DAY - a thought about it

As i see it, Poetry is like a life metaphor .... a subtle look from a deep conscious state, which can be whatever the author or reader wants.... so here's my small contribute. (got done a new sound also.... please just click "play" if you want to ear it)


Through images seen
Through thoughts I gather
Some truth where I lean
Read it in a bird's feather

All that it is
All that it has been
Perhaps doesn't makes sense
Because landscapes are thin
And they can be so dense;
By the touch of a finger
By the sound of a ear
Where you can finally rest
Where you can finally linger
Lulled by a journeys quest
Only with peace, with no fear.

About to find a new sky
Maybe its a dream at sleep
Probably just a quantum leap
This path at a blink of an eye.

Gallardo Santini

Thursday, March 20, 2014

THE PASSENGER XI - tribute to my missed loved father

So the beasts approached  and started small talk with the trees...
"Nice leafs you have there....." - said the Bear . "And what gorgeous flowers" emphasized the Wolf; The Bear and Wolf look each other and the Wolf continued - " we have some flowers of our own you want to see them?" - asked the Wolf showing some brilliant things with heavenly perfume....
(to be continued)

The Trees were much aware of such offers and so they stood together, facing all the adversities such as of that snicky wolves, or the gigant strong bears, which every time were trying  to get off the fence, though their many tries....
With the careful tired eyes  the owl and passenger crossed by to take a look, repair some of wrecked fence portion... but every each time were amazed and proud for their glorious achievement; now they really were splendorous, magnificent, could be seen from far..... and more and more animals noticed it .... even the many birds were not indifferent and just picked some leaves without any permission..... "what for ?"  they claimed..... " there are so many... and these are so much tasty"..... 
The Trees were really warned about it, but just let them.... because they would like to have their good connected neighbourhood in a balanced fashion, they thought.... still there was some abuses...
The Trees were now on their own , the Passenger and Owl realised that was time to just let them take care....let the nature follow its path.... there were so many adventures, advises, experiences... that risk was almost null... they have had a good tuition.... 
It happens that one day, there were some lumberjack crossing by the forest.... and gathered with the wolves and bears as an invitation from the last... " so as you figure it hasn't been easy for us to get there .... " explained the wolves.... The lumberjack showed their strategy for cases like this... " and then you can get as much leaves, flowers as you want.... what do you think" They all laugh and agreed for the strategy.
The strategy was fire.... with the menace they would accept anything... so they did started a fire from the surroundings... ... soon the greedy bears and wolves thought that the flames weren't high enough so burnt some more fossils.... and just laugh with their shiny teeth and slobbery mouth ..... 
The Passenger and Owl couldn't believe what they eyes were testifying ..... all the efforts, pains, and joy were being consumed now in flames..... anyhow their mission sense, made them fought the irated and ruthless flames till exhaustion, even more that they could bear..... they cried together, none has see that coming.
The evil had been spread around the fence, over the trees.... the consumed area was extensive, the only smell in the air now, was from the ashes mixed with raw of the black coal left...  
The Bears and Wolves sniffed around hoping to get some share .... but there was no flower, no perfume left..... even the lumberjack turned away when realized that the wood wasn't good enough as their intended. Slowly all that fuss turned off.. All the spectators left the show, there was nothing left to be seen or even worth to take away.... The remaining Owl and Passenger just stood there waiting ... repairing the damages as they could..... just trying to figure what went wrong .... 
The Trees were alive though.... 
The Passenger took a long look towards the Trees , and stated to the Owl....
" Its time for me to leave, i can't go on here anymore..... my strengths are gone; I did more than I could... everything were at the nature own path, we did know that from the very beginning;b I know that we travelled so far together.... and the way will always be long and difficult .... but i promise that we will find each other in another journey". The Owl willingly accepted it.... although in a costly fashion; she couldn't believe that this journey just went to an end... and for that .... couldn't understand, so stammered...... " Maybe is for the better"
And with an embarrassed smile and a fading sun in the landscape.... the Passenger said goodbye and walked alone the hill with no thoughts this time.... just  peace on his mind waiting for the next journey to come.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Did your heard about my movie?

I remember when i was in University, when i missed 1999 "Fight Club" movie with  ... and my friends came to me telling how overwhelmed they were with the whole film ... they had reason.
Later I saw it and became also very surprised for the ending, (specially the end). I was very sceptic about it, because of movie's title.... "Like the 80's martial arts movies" (i thought); It happened that the whole movie development was amazing; David Fincher made an interesting metaphor for society rules (for the time and present) and how schizophrenic it can be to accept being mainstreamed or standardized without any aware of it... cherry at the top of the cake... "where is my mind " from the Pixies

Nevertheless if I made a movie, a sort of an action/drama one,  i would like that would end with Lou Reed's "perfect day"  which could actually suit to the end of the fight clubs movie with the implosions..... hey, is just an opinion....

Saturday, March 1, 2014

World buzz latest

Ukraine, Venezuela .... escalates on violence and death.... is this what governors want, pain for their citizens? Although in different paths in what have caused such violence, the results appear to be similar.
 As i write before, what about citizens own interest? Who as legitimacy to determinate how a society should evolute?  Nowadays everyones has an opinion about everything (even I do!!!), but as long as these opinions won't dictate rules, or spread fear and terror....
As long as a territory and gov seeks for true peace, and well being to achieve citizens will/ desires, I guess its sovereignty shouldn't be threaten or even questioned for anyone. But in these cases, freedom has some side and human costly effects, and as we can see, when everyone wants to influence or force a path, turbulence just grows as an hungry loose beast....
So what to do then? In democratic societies, if citizens decide and want a different desires than govs, they should be responsible for it; Govs are citizens mandates, or "employees" they should entirely respect that issue, else, it will be endless fights, in a chaotic scenario.

Friday, February 14, 2014

LOL = Lots Of Love - or "Hey: St. Valentine just went viral!"

What is the limit of love? - Love's a bug (this could a be a song title for a Pixies song);
Love for each other, no matter what...., what could be the matter..? Extreme experiences where a human being understands, that it is better to give from himself than receive from other; a condition where anyone else comes in first; The sacrifice of the own well being, for someone else or some cause (although it could be also "for anything", once we live in the consumers era) generally for any living creature that nurture affections; Love can easily assume many forms, it depends on what you have been taught about it during your life. So it can be taught... But if there's someone that hasn't had the chance of having the right surrounding environment in order to learn it, and/or hasn't been to understand, feel, experience it? How would he/she recognize and practice it, if no references haven't been properly inscribed as a natural DNA mutation input? So, are we genetically programmed to live an emotion so extremely, to the point we name it as LOVE, and independently from our environment it will always be revealed at some point of our lives? 
Nowadays we live in a rush for peak fast emotions and material things (as said previously), and I may ask if it  is fair for  it be live in such a randomly fashion? 
If love is a feelling, then it could conditionate our reason (as deeply explained at "Descartes Error" of Neurologist Antonio Damasio) for the better or worse ; Eventually we love for a reason (or a bunch of it!) so we try to be rational at LOVE ? Could it have a set of formulae? 
Love is some sort of deep connection, that compels you to do things.... usually the unnoticed but significant  ones, are the remaining and that ultimately keep you attached to it....


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


(you know it...anyway...  There are a lot of it.... )

Really there are a lot of persons that take their share on someone else's work or profit from others efforts without doing nothing for it or even deserve it. The merit for a reward should be something over present in what work's concern about. Of course there are other actions that you do on behalf of other's that you give it for free, without expecting any kind of reward whatsoever e.g. community work, non profit entrepreneurship, which is actually a value, that you can trade.... with  no (perhaps) collateral damages, and thats truly humble, noble and great. For many (in company environment) this has been sort of  labeled as "Social Responsibility" and as a Buzz, I think it turned out to be a fait divers or a way to divert some taxes.... of course companies aren't charity organizations... and their main goal is to produce profit , but it has to be fair and legitimate winning, by the merit of their work.... but, you know that the huge profits don't appear simply out of the blue, and where is unbalance and the flows are mainly in one direction, in one way or the other, the nature will solve it by its own means.... (ups...! the F Cat commands nature now).
But, as someone said in a fable "is better to be slim (mouse) in the bush, than fat in a cats mouth!"

thought this sound could be.....  hmm.. appropriate...

Monday, February 10, 2014

"LUCK" European Union - the mystery of lost earrings

Since there are men on earth there's competition at the strive for food, land, position, overall government, What can we expect if we are after all human ... and animals... ? And as animals, our basic instincts usually tell us to dominate, haunt something .... to be definitely in control. But is this a society desire? Is this the citizens will? Or are we at the verge of lacking representativity ? Of course there are some (few i would dare to say!), that try to balance own interests with citizens ones.
World vs.... World itself, could a society take really its faith by its hands? Or are govs so "interests" dependents that can't decide nothing that follows citizens true aspirations? If that's so, then who are entitled to "rule" or to interpret citizens "pure" desires/ aspirations? And if there are self entitled  interpreters, what are their main and mundane purposes ? ( the usual power, money, sex ?)
For what i understand, theres is something that someone is searching for, as its owed belonging, but, in fact, it's fair to ask: do we actually belong something, or does something belong us...? From a foreign point of view there'll be a something that was lost, from a another point of view they just keep the search for its .... belonging....

Thursday, February 6, 2014

PROSPECTIVE - we all have been given a big wildcard....

Does  it really matter how good you are at planning? Do all your pseudo-Boolean logic keys, open your wanted doors? What are the main variables that your life journey tells you to take in account?
I confess that even the more accurate planner couldn't observe the next most strange event on earth, even though there some few that try hard to get it right.
Predicting as always been a wizard sort of thing from the ancient times (for the crops, society, economy and consumers) and even Plato or Aristotle (for instance) tried it, analysing nature and human behaviour and yet didn't solve the whole of the question....
Fortunately, method and passing knowledge and wisdom through times, brought us some mainstream paths in which some how we can rely on..... or not?
We could say that some good diagnosis could be a interesting 1st step towards a less risky plan and at the end solution .... but there are the "if's" though.
As a short example, it can be analysed to the light of a certain pattern, that unmeasured and filthy plenty load of wealth, could lead to some predictable behaviour that is recognisable or characterized among a group, an institution,.... in the limit the whole world  (the insurers know this for sure!!!!); Top Stock brokers and high level finance / banking and tax haven countries..... and probably you wouldn't have to be a Wall Street Wolf as in the Leonard DiCaprio movie, to foster this. Yet, it would be expected all the excess occurred behaviour during this movie development, as in life though. (sex, drugs and rock&roll) which it happens to be common to other groups in society, as i've stated before ....politics, top rock stars, sport athletes, movie stars (these actually sell to media fuss, scandal etc.).... So could anyone predict the whole path or ultimate fate of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson,  Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain ... (even the "unknown" Bankers...., and lately Philip Seymour Hoffman .... ( is just too sad to die home alone with a needle . Remembered System of a Down - Needles  or similar...and having it all .... or not...   )
So where does this goes into, you may ask yourself now... excess is almost predictable but people and nature are hard wild variables.

If this was a movie i would finish it with the sound of "Something" from Beatles or Lou Reed's - Perfect  Day, i think is suits....

and my tribute to Seymour (this was really hilarious....)

and goes on....

Friday, January 31, 2014


About Super Bowl censured Soda commercial:
 "is just a matter of establish standards ... once is done, there will be more to follow afterwards... the system hypocrisy is that everyone is doing something that looks like (banking, food, pharmaceutical, you name it), ... and are accepted or not accordingly the key players (usually the powerful ones)... so what to?, besides citizens really take the destiny that they want...."

Clearly that this debate has its epicenter wherever someone wants to put it, and surely its roots depend on who will be affected (how loud you have made your shout).
I'll try to focus here very briefly,and in a random order, several issues :

Marketing Strategy and Product itself, the commercial content, the fuss....

-as for the marketing, well sometimes a censure has much more advertising effects than a whole campaign itself... so this leads me to the "what if" this was done on purpose? (except the side effects on miss Johansson). Market are the soda consumers or energetic beverages consumers also;

- the product itself is an innovation, a portable device to have soda at home... ( that would make some cola and beverage brands go nuts.... and make them possibly what they can to stop it.... or in time, follow it). Of course there are the consumables such as the CO2 bottle, the flavouring spares, maintenance contracts etc... so the basic concept as for espresso coffee or the trendy "do it by yourself", "tailored made".

-the commercial itself is very visual, the actress is surely appealing, the lines are in my opinion too shallow, who would expected more ?!... this is not properly a "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", directed by Woody Allen); of course there is sexism and in sum the whole script could be a bit more ... polite, but for essentially a manly football fan audience, someone just followed his basic instinct which is in this case, sex.

-finally about the fuss itself.... this is just hypocrisy,  as i've said above every major company try to reduce is costs wherever in the world... being Energy, Finance, Coffee, Cocoa, Pharma or Textile.... all over the world, (i wouldnt dare now to point out a country, since this a Global issue);  you could question market rules or foreign laws, so you'll have to act through your mandatory or representative officer, considering you're a living in a democracy where citizens will has an effect.

So is up to people to decide whether to choose where their energy should be spent at, and if it is worth, in a cause effect perspective.