Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WEEK after WEEK .... too WEAK (the formula)

THE EU as an institution has huge problems;


1 -  "the name"
European isn't really an union;

2- "leaders wanted"
There isn't really an inspiring leader, that has the rhetoric and guts to face worlds convulsions;

3-"services vs production"
lots of new generation citizens aren't prepared to engage in productive companies, the labor force is weakened in such skills, or transferred to cheap labor regions (the emerging countries usually...).

4-"lets go public"
a) Privatize as much as the markets demand, has been the destruction of powerful industries, Europe can't depend so much on faceless markets;
b) Markets want profits , efficiency and returns (as it any companies should);
c)Buy (with huge loans) in "hope" to get more efficiency and to reduce the user payed goods, i.e. cheaper labor hand, very flexible laws and rules.... ( no or small investment in R&D to do this); d)If consumption decreases, there goes the cuts in HR, layoffs, or bankruptcy; Markets are like parasites... has long there are hosts to live from..... financial products like futures are mostly intangible ... there's no future without a sustained present....

5-"tax payers vs citizens"
in order to face management errors, like huge money throw away to construction (essentially by buildings that have no return, social, cultural, commercial i.e. the so called public investment), the final invoice is addressed to citizens as taxes, hence they refrain their consumption which take us  to my last point 4d)

6-"the paradise is a mirage "
corruption is the pinnacle of promiscuous relationships; Unfortunately is installed, even the so called strong democracies have it (lobbying is also on the edge of it); At first were more prone the fragile societies that accepted all kinds of kicks in order to obtain their e.g. dictator  huge profits. Now its all over....industry, sports, governments, health, banking.... you name it. So, this distribution of wealth is just as wrong as unfair, but markets willingly accepted..... because they get faster to their goals.

SOLUTIONS for the 6


2-The leader: Don't care if is #Hollande, #Merkel, #CR7 #DavidBeckam or #Berlusconi; There must be one voice inside EU (fiscal, economic, defense, health, education), a president that has the power to decide upon democratic rules approved in the parliament; NO bilateral agreements; 1 Spoken Language, don't care if is portuguese, german, english or esperanto....  (ok Mr #Junker?)

3- Educate to prosper, in the middle ages people were denied information; Now "they" spill trash info, or wrong one; Industry skills must be emphasized and payed in a fair sustained fashion.

4-No longer wild carded Market dependencies, this is a philosophic choice and political; Citizen must be the focus; "Yes, but the citizens" , instead of "Yes but the markets"; Unbalanced market the drive citizens to nowhere isn't Capitalism is an outlaw jungle,

5- Governments should be responsible for their acts in the shape of a federation or not; The supposed scrutiny done to the program should be consequent specially in what comes to expenditure, so it would have a more serious commitment of the elected MPs.

6- Values change enforcement, there must be a rigorous preventive measures to avoid corruption; i've a got a basic theory for it... "if your cat is fed, there's no need to climb the table".... Companies should have a compulsory fund (that would be financed by an existent tax .... such as profit, that by one side it would work as an insurance and/or could be used for direct (but supervised) investment in tech development, R&D and Intellectual property, or employees training; Governors shouldn't be allowed to have conflictual double interests, such as lawyers societies and MPs; Power to empowered: no such shadow organizations masonry, opus dei,  Illuminati, mafia,  etc should influence strategy plans of an institution/ country... could there be a defense program for that?

would these be enough? no.... but it should be a start.
please Mr/ Mrs Europe solve the case of refugees is such a shame and is a reflection of passivity due to bad leadership.

Talking =/ Acting. (in this isolated subject, take some lessons from #Putin)

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